Corporate wellness program implementation


How do you know which workplace health strategies will be most valuable for your particular company to implement?

The Fit Body Boost is a plug-and-play solution for workplace wellness program implementation that has proven to boost participants’ motivation to engage in physical activity and give your workplace a health and fitness overhaul.


We take a dialogue about your organization’s specific situation so that we can provide the best set up for YOU.Together we define what to reward and whether to include live events, how you wish you make the teams etc.
We help you market the Boost within the company encouraging employees to sign up.
Teams are created according to your wishes or we can do it for you at random.
Teams will be given names and can add pictures, motto, etc.

Login Page Fit Body Boost
Before start, all challenge participants receive an invitation and a personal account with login from computer, tablet or for using via the app.

The online motivational tool is supported with hosting by 2-time Olympic finalist and certified personal trainer, Anja Bolbjerg MSc, who provides tips and articles and the possibility of adding live events on and off line.

Once logged in, activities can be logged and the current standing can be followed.Quote-Time

It is kept very simple graphically with the opportunity inside to use tools such as visual feedback, personal goal setting, webinars, forum, expert panel access.
Your personal page show what you have achieved which add to the group dynamics. You can decide anonymity or privacy if you prefer.

Some companies choose to connect the Boost to a charity and use it as a fund raising tool at the same time.

The Boost aims to encourage people to become or stay physically active and to experiment with what healthy habits they can easily and realistically fit into their daily lives to provide a sustainable healthier habits.

It is based on trust, the participant’s own interest – and on having fun!
(We can however provide and integrate tracking devices if you are interested.)

How long is the challenge period?

We suggest a Boost that runs for about 6-8 weeks but you are free to choose any period. Remember that you do not need to put anything aside to run this – but there may be strategically good times in your corporate calendar. A longer period increases the chance that participants will establish new healthy habits and a shorter means that participants do not lose motivation. 6-8 weeks have given great results and feedback.

Who wins and what happens after the race?

The team, who has achieved the most points (on average per participant) wins. So, it it pays to take healthy actions, whether there are many or few members on your team.

A winning team is appointed and presented on the website and in a final newsletter to all participants along with a report including fun statistics from the Boost. A prize in the form of a certificate can also be distributed to the person on each team who trained the most. Of course you can also decide to donate a gift prize to the winning team or you can choose to donate an amount according to the achieved total amount of points to a charity of your choice.

Quote-satisfactionAfter the challenge, it is our experience that the contest has stimulated the competitive instinct, put individual health higher on everybody’s agenda and provided the workplace with a fresh energy Boost.

Give your workforce a boost with this online group fitness and activity challenge!

Take action today and contact us today!