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Pure Air in your Work Environment For More Energy and Easier Concentration at Work

Place this air purifier in your work space – the size of a carry on suitcase – to eliminate 99,9995% of fatiguing and stressing air pollutants and bacteria. Feel the effects of a fresh breath of air in your work environment. The air we breathe is our number one nutrient.

Endorsed by European Center for Allergy Research Foundation and various asthma associations.

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Clean alkaline drinking water

Water is energy with no calories. Water is well-being and better functioning of our brain and body.

Improve tap water quality and avoid the taste and bad effects of chlorine, fluoride and other additives that are commonly put into tap water.  At the same time minimizing the environmental costs of bottled water!

This tabletop water fountain is made of BPA-free plastics and uses multistage filtration with active carbon filter and alkalizing materials, so that you can get all the benefits of a healthy alkaline drinking water.