Everyone has experienced loss of energy, stress and frustration of not being fitter – yet so many factors in daily life constantly pull us away from healthy habits. Especially in the work environment – simply because we need to get work done. That’s why we need a corporate health and wellness solution that make work and health join forces rather than one being at the expense of the other.

AnjaBolbjerg-CarmenBlikePhoto-4I am, Anja Bolbjerg, 2-time Olympic finalist and your corporate health and wellness provider. Training and health have been part of my life for more than 20 years, first as an Olympic athlete, then as a world class athletes trainer and now I have taken my experience to the corporate world. I love feeling the energy and drive when we generate that motivation and I like working with organizations because I know they wish to help their employees make health and work join forces, but they may not know how to. I do. I have developed a model that receives great feedback using technology combined with my Olympic Secrets to motivation…

I believe in health being our most valuable resource. The human body is not a machine, as we so often like to compare it with. It is a living resource. In a corporate environment it’s easy to forget this. With the risk of depleting it.
– No time, right?
– Health and work seem to be incompatible, right?
– We’ll catch up on health later, right?

But the human body is constantly adapting. This adaptation mechanism was originally designed to work to our advantage so that we can adapt to the environment we are in. But that was way before desk work and processed foods. In today’s environment, this adaptation capacity often work against us due to inactivity and poor food choices.

I am not saying that we should forget about desk work and processed foods all together, but we can make small changes that will have a big effect. That’s what the Boost is about. Finding those small changes that work – for her in her life and him in his life.

We do this by a friendly competition, playing, creating the occasion and the environment that makes this both fun and relevant

The thing to keep in mind is – when we forget basic healthy habits in our lifestyle – or down prioritize them because we are busy, then the above adaptation mechanism will start to work against us. We will adapt to our seated lifestyle and artificial stimulants with muscle and stamina loss and a body out of order. Before we know it we are weaker and more fragile and less able to cope with the stress of everyday life . We are depleting our own resource. At an organizational level, this means that when you support your people in making better choices you will have a stronger, more sustainable organization.

Do you consider the employees among your organization’s most valuable resources?

Then imagine if you could help them make work and health join forces. Imagine if you could boost your organization and make it a healthy place to be!