Back-to-Business Fit Body Boost Challenge

Anja Bolbjerg Portrait

Do you also want off to a good, healthy start after the summer holidays?

What if you could have fun and make new friends at the same time…?

    Anja Bolbjerg, 2-time Olympic finalist
    Your challenge coordinator & trainer

Take action today and reserve your spot in this fun, networking 4-week health and fitness challenge! Just click the button below to register

The idea: To keep health on the agenda in a fun, motivating way – and as a bonus, develop new healthier habits – all while networking. You can find workout buddies, share ideas about local healthy restaurants, and receive healthy tips from your trainer and challenge coordinator, Anja Bolbjerg from Riviera Fit Body.

Requirements: Couch potato or fitness freak – No need to have any specific level or qualifications.

Everyone can join at -any level. You get points for all physical activities of your own choice from walks with the dog to climbing the Mont Ventoux. Simple, general healthy actions such as “6 different fruits and vegetables today” and “an alcohol free day” earn points as well. There are also bonus points to be made from full weeks of such healthy actions.

You do not need to be at any specific location at any specific time for this. You can do your own activities where you are and just register.
Everyone needs to have access to the internet at least every 4-5 days throughout the challenge for logging onto the platform and to register your activities (takes max 5 min a day).

Sign up: Feel free to invite other people to sign up with you. This could be your family or your colleagues for example. Participants will be divided into random teams in order to increase the networking effect and not create “elite” teams. Team score is based on the average score from all team members.

Prizes: There will be a prize for the winning team, but remember – this is first and foremost something you do to help yourself get Back-to-Business on your health and fitness goals. There is an inside forum where you can give each other tips on activities, cheer, ask for support etc.
The winning team will –receive sports bottles with a filtering system from Nikken for each member.

Kick off and start date:  Start: September 22nd    End date: October 19th

The challenge is open to everyone. The Fit Body Boost sponsors the challenge set up fee and offers a discount for participants. Sign up here to get your discounted participant prize.

If you have any questions – feel free to send me an email ( or use the chat window here.

Sorry event closed for registration